The coronavirus has impacted the world economy and has put many businesses into a state of panic. This period of uncertainty is likely to be difficult for us all, both financially and emotionally. 

That being said there is reason to find a positive in every negative situation and we think- freelancers and small businesses should use this period to grow their business during the Coronavirus.

Many entrepreneurs around the world are actively looking for coronavirus help for business, this article lists just a few ways business owners can grow their business in a pandemic.

Download the infographic or scroll down to see the entire list of 20 ideas to supercharge your business.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a content strategy
  2. Plan out your social media posts
  3. Build your personal brand on platforms like LinkedIn
  4. Spend time to improve processes and procedures
  5. Move your business to the cloud
  6. Network online/ share experiences
  7. Build a chatbot
  8. Do some competitor research
  9. Double down on your SEO efforts
  10. Set up Pay Per Click campaigns
  11. Write multiple articles for your blog
  12. Read books to improve yourself
  13. Make improvements to your website
  14. Create ebooks and guides to share
  15. Get a regular email newsletter going
  16. Get active on Facebook groups
  17. Create videos that can be shared
  18. Create or feature on a podcast
  19. Guest post on another website
  20. Advertise your service in local papers and niche magazines

There are many ways in which you can generate new business leads. If you are currently self-isolating or being asked not to leave home you should use this as an opportunity to double down on your business. 

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