For startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers growing your business will always be your top priority.

Like Mario you must keep moving forward, trying to level up without falling off a cliff or getting bumped off by (competition) a “Goomba” mushroom! ⛰

So how do you grow your business? ?

  1. Google Search – We all search using Google so why are you not using the platform to propel your business? we help companies generate new sales every day using Google Adwords pay per click, and search engine optimisation. Some of our clients make thousands of pounds a day in profit, others a few hundred, you get what you put in!
  2. Content Marketing – A slow but sure way to grow your business. Create guides like “The A-Z guide to buying investment property” offer it as a free download in exchange for their email address. If you offer recruitment services, offer a free staff appraisal template or write regular articles like “10 tips to reducing stress in the workplace.”
  3. Social Media Marketing – Consumers and potential clients as well as new talent will review your social media accounts before they decide on working with your business. They’ll be looking at your Facebook reviews, Instagram snaps and Twitter posts for insights into your company. If you genuinely want to grow your business then treat social media seriously. Your business should be active on all of the popular social media platforms, ensure your content is of high quality and post at least once a week.
  4. Get networking – Lots of people have a fear of talking too much, they are scared that if they tell others what they do, their idea or business will be copied. Drop your fears! Tell the world what you do and we can guarantee you’ll grow your business. Get on the phone, attend business forums and don’t be shy to talk about your business at family get-togethers or the local gym.
  5. Patience and adaptability – Be patient and adapt to the market, what we mean by this is instead of closing up shop and giving up, try to re-package your service or flog a different product. Oh and keep your ears to the ground, there is no use trying to sell YO YOs when all the kids are raving about Slime!

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