We speak to business owners on a regular basis, some successful and others just starting up, but no matter their size we are often asked what the best way is to generate new business.

In truth there is no simple fix, trying to generate new business leads or attract new talent for that matter is an issue we all face and it’s one that will pop up more often than not.

Whilst there is no easy solution, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of generating new business leads. And if you are smart enough to implement more than one of the 55 ways below, you might just never have a lead generation problem again. Ever.

So here’s our simple list of 55 ways you can generate new business:

  1. Make some outbound calls to potential new customers
  2. Conduct local Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Advertise your business or service on Facebook
  4. Attend local networking events
  5. Create value content (like this)
  6. Offer free guides & ebooks on a particular subject
  7. Improve your website ensuring you look professional and approachable
  8. Get in touch with current customers and see if there is anything else you might be able to help with
  9. Get in touch with previous customers and see if there is anything you can help with
  10. Start a regular email newsletter sharing useful information
  11. Tell friends and family about your business and ask them to recommend you to their friends and family members
  12. Create a Whatsapp Status update about your business
  13. Showcase your product or service via a social media post
  14. Offer an incentive to those who refer new customers
  15. Run an online raffle to generate more brand awareness
  16. Find talent by using job boards with CV search features
  17. Find talent by posting your vacancies to Job boards
  18. Find talent by posting your vacancies across social media
  19. Find blogs that your prospects read and ask to guest post on them
  20. Offer your services as a freelancer on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork
  21. Speak to us or find a digital marketing agency who can help in a number of ways
  22. Spend time creating content for your blog, this can generate new leads
  23. Get social on social media, comment, like and share others content
  24. Create a video explaining your business and services
  25. Share your customers’ reviews across social media for others to see
  26. Invest in a cool explainer video to get your message across
  27. Conduct a live webinar where you can share your knowledge with potential clients
  28. Advertise your service in local papers and niche magazines
  29. Print leaflets and deliver them door to door
  30. Create a video and advertise on Youtube
  31. Advertise your business on Google Search with a Google Ads campaign
  32. Build your personal brand on LinkedIn by sharing your knowledge regularly
  33. Help others by answering questions on platforms like Quora
  34. Improve your email signature by sharing your best selling services
  35. Join Facebook groups and become an active member
  36. Take part in discussions on forums or platforms like Reddit
  37. Share your creative products on platforms like Dribble or Pinterest
  38. Ask influencers if they can help you market your product (expect to pay)
  39. Install a live chat function to your website to increase lead gen
  40. Offer a free tool like a mortgage calculator or CV template
  41. Build a landing page designed to convert visitors to leads
  42. List your business on popular online directories like Yell
  43. Share positive news via a Press Release
  44. Take part in Guerilla marketing – Learn more
  45. Start selling your products on Amazon and Ebay
  46. Create a local event to raise your business profile
  47. Attend exhibitions and trade shows
  48. Start your own podcast and become a thought leader
  49. Run a promotional offer for a limited time
  50. Sponsor local initiatives, schools etc to build your profile
  51. Use a program like Stencil to create social media graphics
  52. Learn from the experts by listening to a business audio book
  53. Sell your products online with an Ecommerce Store
  54. Take marketing course via online platforms like Coursera to improve your knowledge
  55. Franchise your business so that you can grow in size nationally

Need help generating more leads? Our team at qwikseo.com can build new shiny websites and landing pages built for results. Create ebooks and guides, provide search engine optimisation, social media marketing and more. Get in touch with us via this form.