Social media has changed our world and changed it beyond all recognition. It’s actually a challenge, these days, to remember what life was like pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook, and pre-LinkedIn. Literally billions of us use social networks every day for meeting people, keeping in touch with those we love, finding jobs and finding partners. 

In 2002, just 19 years ago, more than 100 million people across Asia joined Friendster. LinkedIn was created in 2003 as a work-led network for employees and employers. Facebook started life in 2004, YouTube in 2005 and Twitter in 2006. In 2010 we saw the launch of Instagram. The list goes on. 

Now, in 2021, there are millions of young people on the planet who have never experienced a world without social media. And that’s the first of many reasons why social media has so many key benefits for recruitment agencies. Everyone’s doing it, it has gone mainstream, and it would be very unwise not to harness social media for recruitment. Here’s why. 

The benefits of social media for recruitment agencies
Social media is widely used to create better brand awareness. Imagine you run a recruitment agency. Like most businesses your success depends, to a degree, on your reputation. If you’re not on social media you can’t leverage it to grow your brand or build better brand equity. In a crowded sector where everyone wants to look the best they can and become as popular as possible, social media is an incredibly powerful marketing, PR, branding and networking tool. 

Making it easy for people to find your business
If you’ve ever used LinkedIn to check out a company for whom you’ll be doing some freelance work, or to find out more about what the company offering you a job looks like, you’re not alone. Millions of people use social media networks like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook to reach out to companies, and millions of companies use these networks to reach out to targeted audiences containing the best potential recruits. 

Connecting with the right audience
Social media lets you put your job ads in front of a very specific audience, people who are potentially the most suitable for your vacancy. You can create a list of candidates based on certain criteria, or pay for advertising that puts your ad directly in front of a targeted audience, or simply promote your content far and wide – not just locally – to pull in the most relevant people. And, of course, your potential audience is absolutely huge. Much bigger than you’d ever get from an old-school job vacancy advert. 

Showcasing fresh new job opportunities
Before social media, a potential employee would have to search the back pages of actual printed magazines to find that sector’s vacancies and job listings. Employers would advertise in the commercial and trade press, and the regular media, in the hope the right people would see the advert and respond. Now it’s a simple matter to advertise a vacancy widely, at very little cost compared to paying for a run of expensive flat ads in a printed magazine or newspaper. 

Attracting exciting new talent
The younger you are the more likely you are to rely on it, but let’s face it, most of us use social media these days, no matter what our age. The pandemic has only made social media more important, a crucial way for the entire world to communicate in challenging times. This is where you attract exciting new talent, whatever the role happens to be.   

It’s all about engagement
Engagement on social media is instant. The more you engage with a brand, the more comments, likes, shares and so on you receive, all of which pushes up your visibility and boosts your brand. As a recruitment agency, an active cross-network social media presence packed with lively conversations, video, links and more attracts even more potential candidates, who can see for themselves that you’re alive, active, and just as engaged as they are.   

Checking someone’s work experience
LinkedIn is a great way to explore a potential candidate’s work experience. Commercial Facebook pages let individuals seeking jobs check out the communications style, branding, experiences and successes of the companies they might like to work for. And the recruitment agencies they trust. It’s a fantastic match, a whole lot faster and more efficient than wading through piles of paper CVs and covering letters.  

Taking instant action – No delays
You post your CV off to a recruitment agency. A few days later they contact you. That’s the old way to do it. Now you post your job requirements to social media and agencies can see your post instantly. It goes both ways. A recruitment agency can post a vacancy and it gets seen within seconds, not hours or days. This makes for a better experience all round, for both recruiters and potential candidates.   

You have to be in it to win it!
If you run a recruitment agency and you’re not making the most of social media networks, now’s the time to up your game and get busy building a lively, active, responsive and engaging presence to help you delight the employers you’re working with – and find the best candidates faster than ever.