social media for recruitment agencies

The way recruitment agencies operate has changed beyond all recognition since the arrival of the internet, and one of the biggest, most profound changes involves social media for recruitment agencies and how using social media for recruitment can make or break a talent attraction campaign.

Facebook arrived on our screens during 2004. Twitter was born in 2006.  Instagram turned up in 2010. Social media is something that none of us had access to not so long ago. But these days more or less every business in the nation uses social networks to market their goods, build great brands, communicate with customers and prospects, and even sell goods directly to consumers. 

As a recruitment agency that isn’t harnessing social media yet, it’s time to get cracking and join the social media revolution. Here’s why social networks are wonderfully fertile ground for recruiters. 

Saving cash on marketing
Roll back time to before social media and your recruitment practice was probably spending a fortune on letters, fliers and leaflets, off-the-page advertising in specialist industry publications and the press. Although it might look good to circulate physical flyers and place adverts in the local press, the reality is that doing so is unlikely to produce a positive return on investment. Advertising via social media enables you to target your audience and reach a larger number of people at a better return on investment. 

Building brand awareness
Recruitment agencies, like any other business, benefit from better brand awareness. Social media when used effectively can help you spread the word about company culture, goals and aims, the way you treat temporary staff and how you can support your clients achieve their goals.  

Professional Networks like LinkedIn allow you to build better brand equity as well, positioning your agency as a leader in its field, whether you’re a generalist or a specialist recruiter. You can harness networks to effectively express opinions, share facts, talk about trends, respond to people’s questions and ask questions of your own, provide insight and wisdom, launch new services and announce important changes. Learn more about our LinkedIn management services. 

Social media for recruitment agencies – Essential for SEO
Social media is all about shares, likes, mentions and links, and that means your SEO reach is also wider than ever. Each time you post information and people respond to it, search engines like Google ‘notice’ and award the content a positive mark. The more you get shared and mentioned, linked to and liked, the more popular search engines assume you are, the better your company’s search positions, the easier it is for potential customers and candidates to find you when searching the web.   

Engaging directly and honestly
The relationships you have with your candidates and business customers has changed. Complaints are likely to now be shared via social media and this can place you in the full glare of publicity, with nowhere to hide. But social media gives you the opportunity to directly deal with complaints, allowing you to make amends for mistakes in a frank, honest, open space in full view of everyone: the ultimate in business transparency. Because people appreciate honesty and transparency, your reputation grows.  

Engaging direct with individuals
Imagine being able to engage and interact with top candidates in an instant way that’s also highly personal? It’s powerful stuff, a good way to iron out any issues, establish facts, answer and ask questions, persuade candidates, inspire candidates and cue them up for interviews.   

Professional candidates are using social media to research recruitment agencies or employers they’d like to work for. A whitepaper report and survey conducted by Robert Walters revealed that many candidates want corporate social media profiles to provide a range of insights. While 76% of candidates look to discover generic information on the company and its operations, over twothirds (67%) also look for pointers on cultural values and around half expect details of future strategy. Just over 50% of surveyed job seekers like to view profiles of existing staff members while 54% hope to discover more about the opportunities for career progression.

Sharing job opportunities more widely than ever before
Because social networks each have their own distinct personality, you benefit from having an incredibly wide reach. Your ideal candidates may have spread themselves evenly across a number of networks, or they might all be lumped together in one network. Either way they’re easy to access, which means sharing job opportunities more effectively than ever before. 

We help recruitment agencies by building landing pages specific to a career opportunity and using organic and paid social media posts to send targeted traffic to these pages. 

Inspiring candidates and customers with great content
You’ve got a lot to say, and it’s all really useful. Social media helps you spread the word, and everyone knows creating interesting content in different formats works beautifully to make friends and influence people, attract talent, and draw in businesses that need the best people. 

You can create valuable e-books and guides that can be shared with your target audience, this by proxy will improve brand awareness and increase sign ups. 

Not on social media yet? Get moving!
Social media for recruitment agencies is too good to ignore. If you haven’t taken the leap yet, now’s the time to get registered on the relevant social networks and start spreading the word about how amazing you and your job opportunities are.

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