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Email Marketing -

Email Marketing for

financial advisers.

Communicate with your clients regularly or reach out to new leads

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Regular Communication is Key to Success

Getting a new client on-board is challenging but keeping them can be more difficult. One of the most effective ways to keeping clients happy is by communicating with them regularly.

Communication comes in many forms, and although we recommend putting aside time to speak with clients, there can be no doubt that regular email communication is just as effective. In fact some of our clients find that communicating via email means they are able to generate new sales they'd not have previously thought achievable.

A recent article discussed IBM’s long success story as they celebrated their 100th anniversary. It was suggested that IBM’s success was due more to its ‘strong customer relationships than with its machines or software’. The fact that IBM always kept up regular communication with its clients has been an essential key to its success.

Lead Generation + Nurturing

Prospecting for new leads can be both exciting and laborious and so nurturing potential leads is key to increasing conversion rates.

Our email marketing campaigns can be built to target new leads. We recommend sharing information that is of value, providing discount codes and showcasing your services and accomplishments.

We have a number of email marketing plans suited to start-ups with small mailing lists and those more established businesses with larger lists.

Prices start from just £165 a month inclusive of the creation of a set template, email copy and content in the form of a 300-400 word article.

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How it Works

Our email marketing plan utilise the Mailchimp email delivery system. You will need to have either an essentials or standard account in place however we can also work with free accounts, though this type of account has its limitations.

Audience & Market Research

We carry out detailed research, assessing your business & service whilst also paying close attention to your competitors. This gives us a good understanding of your business, the products and services you sell and the market you operate within.

List Build and Personalisation

Before we put together your email marketing plan you will need to provide us with a list of contacts in the form of a .csv file. If you wish we can customise the email template so that your leads receive emails addressed to them.  

Template Creation & Content

We design one, native to Mailchimp template (additional templates charged separately) and provide curated content sourced by our team. We can also add content produced by you, for example, guides articles or videos. We agree on a monthly schedule and send your emails out every month.

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